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Why Freelancers Love Proville?


Proville simplifies the process by which freelaancers find new clients and projects. This gives a lot of opportunities to get hired on the best and the most exciting projects belonging to different industries.

Here are some of the features that make our freelance website in Ngieria the best for professionals home and abroad:

1. Streamlining hiring today and tomorrow

Proville puts to use the most sophisticated algorithms that’ll let you get connected with only those projects that are a great fit your skill set.

2. Good work builds excellent market credibility

Thanks to this portal’s transparent review system, you can do good work for your clients—and this good work will pay much more than profits; it’ll pay client’s positive feedback.

Yes, by doing good work for clients, you’ll build market credibility in the professional world. And this credibility can seriously go a long way in letting you earn repeat business.

3. A complete profile gives the complete picture

Make sure that your profile is complete so that your clients or hirers can get a clear idea about your strengths or skills. In a way, when you’ll complete your profile, you’ll be a step closer to finding your ideal professional project.

Freelance Jobs

Working was never this simple


Proville gives you the ultimate freedom and flexibility that allows freelancers control where, when, and how they work.

How Proville Makes Freelancing Easier?


For every project, you’ll be given an online workspace that’s shared between you and your client. This online workspace lets you do the following things without any hassles:

1. Sending and receiving files become simpler and quicker

With Proville, you’ll be given a secure online environment where you can send and receive mission-critical files and other digital assets easily. This online workspace is allotted to you and your client as soon as a project is awarded to you.

2. Sharing feedback was never this simple

When it comes to any work, feedback becomes important. Well, this online professional portal understands this, and that is precisely why it allows the feedback to be shared in real time. There’s an end-to-end communication tool here that allows you to chat with the client and get feedback and other inputs on your work.

3. Work and interact on the move

On this platform, you’ll be given a mobile app that can let you interact with your clients even when you’re on the move. Just download the Proville mobile app and know all the project-related details right from billing to deadlines.


Transforming the way you receive payments for your work


Proville has transparent, well-defined payment protection plans in place to make sure that you receive the payments for freelance jobs you’ve done on time every time. The payments on this portal are released whenever your project is completed successfully or whenever an agreed-upon milestone is met.

Benefits of Proville's Escrow Payment?


1. It is simple

In this portal, the payment process is very simple and streamlined. Just fill a timesheet for the work you’ve done, and send that through Proville’s secure online environment. All the payments and invoices are sent through this portal’s payment processes.

2. It is transparent

Whether you’re working on fixed-price projects or hourly ones, this platform makes sure that you’re getting paid for the work you do in the most transparent manner. The payments are released through escrow features.

3. It allows multiple payment options

Here, you can sign up for different payment methods to receive the funds on time. You just have to give your account details where you want the funds to be deposited, and you’re good to go.