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how it works An overview of hiring and working on Proville.



Find the Right Talents on Topmost Freelance Website in Nigeria


Proville is not yet another freelance website in Nigeria, it is the best professional job marketplace where you can hire capable hands for your projects, regardless of what you do.


Every project needs different professionals. We knows this, and that’s exactly why this professional job marketplace offers the best talent belonging to diverse industries and verticals.

As the fastest growing freelance website in Nigeria, you’re free to search different professionals on the basis of skills required for the success of your project.

How to Hire Freelancers on Proville?


This is the right place to find the best freelancers in Nigeria and across Africa without no hassles. Follow these simple steps to hire the top professionals without hurting your budget:

1. Browse Profiles of Freelancers


Start by browsing the profiles of talented professionals ranging from graphics designers, writers, programmers, customer service reps, virtual assistants to other category of freelancers in Nigeria and entire Africa.

2. Post job details and Expectations


You need to post your job details first. In the project details, you’ll have to mention about the skills that you want from a professional. Accordingly, Proville will be able to bridge the gap between you and the right professional.

3. Get Connected to Freelancers


Unlike other freelance websites in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, Proville uses data science and really sophisticated search functionality to get you connected to the most suitbale freelancers.

That’s basically what Proville is all about—letting you find the professional your project deserves.

4. Use Advanced Search Functionalities


If you want to find the right professional for your project by yourself, then you can do so by using the best search functionality that Proville has on its website. Use it to believe it.


Freelance Website in Nigeria

Work transparently, effectively, and efficiently


Why We Are the Best Freelance Website in Nigeria?


Proville delivers a secure online workspace that’s shared by your professional and your team. In this space, you’ll be allowed to do many work-related tasks without any hassles.

Your security is our top priority


In this space, you’ll be able to send and receive files and other digital assets in a very secure environment

Giving feedback becomes simple


Share your inputs with the professional in real time so that work never stops.

Full-fledged chat tools


Proville has provided different online chat tools to communicate through chats or text messages. These chat tools are simple to use and become a very effective mode of communication with the hired professionals.

Get the edge of mobility


There’s a mobile app for Proville that lets you connect with your professional on the go. So mobility won’t come in the way of work as long as you and your professionals have this app.

Payment, too, is a very important part of working effectively. And when it comes to releasing the payments, Proville lets you pay for only the work that you’ve authorized. Because of the presence of transparent work processes and specific milestones, you’ll only release the funds once the work is delivered and reviewed at your end. It’s this simple and quick.