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Freelancer in Nigeria FAQ

How to Be a Successful Freelancer in Nigeria -FAQs


Proville was set up to freelancer in Nigeria not to only succeed on projects but help take your professional business to the next level.


But knowing your way around the online marketplace for freelancers may be a bit difficult. Which is why, this section on How to Be a Successful Freelancer in Nigeria FAQs is dedicated to answering the  questions that may be on your mind. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: What is Proville ?

A: Proville mean professional village. Proville platform connects freelancers to clients.

Q: What is

A: is an online marketplace for professional services. At, freelancers in Nigeria and across Africa can be hired by clients who need their services.

For example, a client that needs a website for his business can come to to hire a freelance website designer to do the job.

Q: Who is a professional on Proville?

A: A professional is a person that renders services and gets paid for jobs done. Basically, freelancers in Nigeria and across Africa are professional on Proville.

Q: Who is a client on Proville?

A: A client is a person that wants to hire or has hired a professional.

Q: What kind of services can I render or get on the platform?

A: There are various services that can be rendered or gotten on the platform. See Categories.

Q: How do I Sign up on Proville?

A: Click on "Work" button (if you are a professional) or click on “Hire” button (if you are a client who wants to hire a professional) on the homepage or Click on “sign up” button on the main Menu, use any of the buttons to signup.

Q: How Does Work?

A: Client posts a job, freelancers submit proposal for the job, Client reviews and accepts a proposal, Client escrows fund for the job to escrow, professional starts job, client reviews and ensure quality of job done by professional, professional completes job, client is Ok with job done, client goes to his/her dashboard and releases payment from escrow to professional’s bank account.

Q: How Do Freelancers in Nigeria Work on

A: After signing up as a freelancer, sign in to your dashboard, update your profile and click on “find work” button to search for available jobs. When you find a project you can do, submit proposal for it. If client deems you fit for the job, he or she will accept your proposal.

Q: Does Signing up on Proville Cost Anything?

A: No, creating an account as freelancer or hirer on Proville is absolutely FREE.

Q: How Do I Write Proposal?

A: When submitting proposal, state the budget (price), milestones, how you will do the job, the requirement, the deliverables etc

Q: Why Can’t I Sign in to Proville Account?

A: You might be entering incorrect username or password. If you have forgotten your Password or User Name, you can recover your login credentials here. Just drop us an Email at: requesting for username and password recovery.

You can also chat online with our support agent if you continue to face problem in logging on your Proville account, and we will promptly assist you in all possible ways.

Q: Who Are Eligible to Work as Freelancers?

A: Anyone who has good professional skills and a decent internet connection can use the Proville platform to find great opportunities for building their business.

In this online job marketplace, you’ll find a number of freelance jobs every day; these work opportunities are up for grabs for everyone with the right skills. So if you have what it takes to manage and complete a professional project within a defined deadline, then you should send the proposal for that job right away.


How to be Successful Freelancer in Nigeria FAQ


Q: What’s the Best Formula for Working with Online Clients?

A: In many ways, if you’re working with the clients online, it’ll be like being hired by any other client. For being successful at what you do, you should always pick those jobs you’re most qualified for.

Apart from this, you should regularly communicate with the project team hired by your client. That’s how you establish a superb working relationship with the employer.

In the end, how you work with your clients totally depends on you alone. Nevertheless, we’re giving you a few tips that’ll help you work better in the professional world.

  • Choose the project very carefully; pick only those jobs that suit you the most.

  • Communicate with your client at every step of project completion.

  • Begin the job pretty optimistically.

  • Keep getting the feedback and improve the work accordingly so that the clients are satisfied.

Q: How do I report a suspicious job?

A: If you feel a job on our site is suspicious, let us know by reporting it. To report a suspicious job, view it, scroll down past the job description and click the “Report” ( button.

Q: How Much Will I Earn through Proville?

A: That completely depends on you. On Proville, you’ll negotiate your own rates. As with any other business, your earning power will be tied to your experience and skills. Once you build your own positive reputation on this platform, you’ll be in a good position to command pretty high rates.

Just focus on building goodwill on this platform. How’ll you be able to do that? Well, it’s simple. Just keep your clients happy and satisfied by completing the tasks or delivering the project on time, every time. Also, try sticking to the defined budget because that’ll let you earn positive ratings from your clients.

Q: Why is My Invoice Payment Pending?

A: Your Service Buyer/Service Receiver may have used a bank account or a PayPal account to pay for your invoice. We need to make sure those funds reach out. When they do, your invoice will be paid and we’ll let you know about this. This normally takes 2-3 business days.

Q: How Long Will My Cash Account Withdrawal Take?

A We process all freelancers' transfer requests by Noon (GMT+1) Monday-Friday. However, depending on what type of account you operate, it could take up to 3 - 5 business days for the payment tto reflect in your bank account.

Q: What is an agreement?

A: An agreement sets the payment terms (price, payment schedule, due dates, etc.) and is initially sent to you before the start of a job. You can learn more about it here (redirect to terms of service page).