How to Hire Freelancer in Nigeria | FAQs | Provile How to Hire Freelancer FAQs aims at answering all the questions you may have in mind with regards to getting the best professionals to complete your projects. How to Hire Freelancer, How to Hire Freelancer in Nigeria, How to Hire Freelancer FAQ, Freelancers, Hire Freelancers How to Hire Freelancer
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How to hire freelancer

How to Hire Freelancer -FAQs 

Provile How to Hire Freelancer FAQs aims at answering all the questions you may have in mind with regards to getting the best professionals  to complete your projects on time, with excellent delivery.

If using freelancing portal to hire professionals is a new thing for you, here are the most common questions that you may have while using Proville:

How to Hire Freelancer in Nigeria?

While hiring a freelencer through an online marketplace like Provile, the are two key things to look out for:

  1. The freelancer you want to hire should have the right skill set to get your job done.

  2. The freelancer you want to hire should have a proven track record of completing similar projects on time.

You just need to get the answer to these points, and many related questions, once you’re going through a candidate’s Proville’s profile. The profile generally includes samples, work experience, client feedback, and many such details that’ll help you decide whether a professional is the right fit for your job or not.

What do I need to do once I’ve registered on Proville?

Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll need to define your project. You should clearly explain the goals, skills, deliverables, and the desired deadline. By clearly defining your project needs, you’ll improve the chances of getting to hire freelancer who’s a right fit for your job.

When you make your project requirements clear, you’ll have to post them so that the best freelancers who are qualified can view them and send you proposals. Additionally, you can search the entire length and breadth of this online marketplace to find the best professionals and invite them to give their proposals.

Why can’t I sign in?

If you are already familiar with how to hire freelancer but cannot login to your account (new or old), you might be entering incorrect username or password. If you have forgotten your Password, click on forgot password to reset your password.

To recover your login credentials, drop us an Email at: requesting for username and password recovery. You can also chat online with our support agent if you continue to face problem in logging on your Proville account, and we will promptly assist you in all possible ways.

How to hire freelancer in nigeria forgot password

Does posting a job cost anything?

No, posting a job is absolutely FREE on Proville. You just need to pay the charges for the professional service provider you hire for the job through Proville. Refer to terms and condition for more information.

What should I do to make my project a success?

First off, write a very clear, concise, easy-to-read job post; define not only the scope of work but also the reasons why professionals should pick this project. That’s basically how you’ll attract the most qualified experts toward your project every time no matter what.

Also, while evaluating the best candidates, focus on all those freelancers who have a proven track record of working on the projects similar to yours. Now, after you’ve picked the professional, you should communicate all the project requirements personally to the expert—don’t completely rely on the job post. That’s how you can expect to complete your project within the defined deadline.

How should I know that my professional is billing me accurately?

Proville makes professionals fill a well-defined activity report on an hourly or daily or weekly basis—that completely depends on the way you want the reporting to happen. Apart from reporting, the professionals can even bill you on the basis of established milestones.

In case of reporting, you and the freelancer you hire will agree upon a set of milestones that will be reached while a fixed-rate job is being finished. As the professional reaches a milestone, the funds should be released. However, before releasing the funds, you need to review the work.

How should I pay the professional?

You need to decide about the scope of the project as well as its budget along with your professional. Proville, the leading online freelance job marketplace, does its best to ensure that the process of releasing the payments isn’t complex or time consuming at all.

This online freelancing portal has all the right processes in place so that the work never stops just because of unprocessed payments or unsent funds. At Proville, you can choose to pay through different cards such as Visa, verve, MasterCard, American Express, and reliable escrow payment gateways.