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World's largest Professional's marketplace

Proville.net; Africa’s pioneer online service market place for professionals is a product of Proville Business Solutions Limited a Nigerian based company leveraging on technology to provide business solutions for individuals and multinationals across Nigeria and Africa.

The why behind the Proville.net platform is to create an open system to resolve the demand and supply gap that exist between professionals and their prospects. So there lies a Toke who needs a professional (web developer, accountant, lawyer or writer) to perform a job. Typically Toke would time needless time and resources searching for the perfect person for the job. Whereas there also lies a Ken (web developer, accountant, lawyer or writer) out there with the perfect skill set and experience to perform the task for Toke.

Proville.net brings them all together to one single platform.

The above scenario is one among other way to reduce the unemployment and underemployment rate in Nigeria and Africa while contributing towards eradicating poverty, creating decent jobs for economy development in Nigeria and Africa in line with Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 8.

The Proville.net brand that allows you access to a pool of professionals at a competitive rate as well as good exposure to potential prospects (clients) across the world was officially launched on 29th May 2018. The Proville.net platform has fast grown to become a household name in Nigeria and major cities in countries abroad due to its unique value proposition for a safe and secure platform for professionals and clients to engage. This has resulted to various features and shortlisting from local and international platforms such as but not limited to the below

  • Venture Capital 4 Africa
  • SMEpeaks
  • Africa Com Hub
  • Y Combinator Startup School
  • Business Day Media
  • Seed stars Africa
  • Startup Istanbul

The goal of the brand is to build a professional community of over 1 billion users by year 2025. This is with an understanding that the future of smart work is here already with millennials ready to account for over 85% of the working population by year 2023. The millennials are readily know for starting up various projects, picky about who they work for, how and when they work. Thus Proville.net becomes a safe haven aligning with the future for both clients and professionals to engage and perform various services.


Our vision is to become Africa’s pioneer online service marketplace with a global reach.

Our core values are engraved within the word S.P.I.S.E.S with
S- Service
P- Professionalism
I- Integrity



Our target audience includes individual professionals from all sectors, corporate organisactions, government agencies and non-governmental organizations..


  • Provide economic empowerment by reducing unemployment and underemployment among the African youths and professionals
  • Provide a platform of the future to enable qualified and talented individuals to compete globally
  • Eradicate poverty, promote decent job for economy development and promote Equality in line with SDG 1, 5 and 8
  • Slash the rate of unemployment by 50% in Nigeria and across Africa by 2023
  • Provide global opportunities to local professionals around the world