I am a professional Graphic Designer, Photographer and Web Designer with over 7 years experience. A graduate of Graphic Design. My experience and flexibility allow me to work on a variety of works from UI/UX design, web design, graphic design and more. I am very skilful in the following applications:  Adobe XD  Adobe Photoshop  Adobe Illustrator  Adobe InDesign  Adobe Dreamweaver  CorelDraw  Office Suite

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Logo Design
My client asked me to come up with samples of logos for her new business name (Mimikotos). She's into makeover and jewelry. And after corrections and adjustments, she finally approve this one.
Logo Design
This is a logo design done by me for a new fashion design company in Abuja, Nigeria. The client actually wanted something simple and unique, though I came up with different design s but she prefer this one most.
Logo Design
My client asked me to come up with a new logo to replace the old one and I came up with three different logos which he finally approved this one. The company is an eatery located in Abuja, Nigeria.
Product Design/Advertising
I designed this new product for my client and also advertise it on a billboard for him. This advert really create more awareness of their product and also attract more patronage.
Package Design
My client wanted a packaging design for his new product and I came up with this. The packaging design really add value to his product and increase patronage.
3D Packaging Design
My client asked me to design a 3D packaging for his new product. The idea is to use it as master piece for mass production.
I did this flyer for a client that wanted an hand bill he can give out to his costumers in order to create more awareness of his services. This flyer has added value to his services.
This illustration is actually a movie poster which I did for my client as requested. Its aim on showcasing the life in school campus.
Digital Painting
My client asked me to paint a portrait of him digitally and I came up with this technique to execute the project. I used CorelDraw to achieve the beautiful portrait.
I did this for a client that wanted a banner to promote her business both online and offline. I used photoshop to execute the project.
I did this project for my client that wanted a greeting cards to be distributed to her family and friends during Eid-El Fitr. And I came up with this illustrated greeting card for her.
Photo Manipulation
This is a photo manipulation that I did for a client that wanted a publicity poster that can effectively discourage the habit of smoking.
I did this project for a school that wanted an illustrative images of part of human body which they can use to teach pupils in class room. This has really add to effective teaching and learning between the teachers and the pupils.
Digital Painting
This project was done for my client that wanted an illustration of his street. The idea is to print and frame it so that he can hang it in his room. I used illustrator and photoshop to achieve this project.
This project was executed in order to advertise Coca-Cola product. I executed this project with the use of photoshop and digital camera.
Logo Design
I designed this logo for a furniture company to replace their old logo. I used CorelDraw to achieve this project.
3D Logo
I did this 3D logo for a client who wanted to visualize his logo in 3D format. Adobe Photoshop was used to execute this project.
Book Cover Illustration
My client asked me to come up a cartoon characters and use them to design a book cover title (Teaching Aid For Kids). This is just the cover, he has also requested for the inner pages.
Employment History
  • Graphic Designer | Bullseye Communications Ltd October, 2014 - December, 2015 Design Logos, Flyers, Banners and Magazines; Meeting with clients; operation of Router, Plotter, ID Card and Heat Transfer Machines; etc.
  • Graphic Designer/Project Secretary | Ethics Resource Centre Nigeria January, 2009 - December, 2011 Design Magazines, Flyers, Banners, Brochures and Books; online marketing; compiling and updating mailing list; checking of Emails; etc.
  • Graphic Designer | UNIMAG Nig. Ltd. March, 2018 - Present Design logo, flyers and brochures for both print and online marketing; taking photograph of products for digital advertising; branding; customizing; and operating plotter, DI and heat transfer machines.
  • National Diploma In Art And Industrial Design | Faderal Polytechic Nasarawa 2012 - 2014 Graphic Design, Basic Design, Textile Design, Ceramics Design, Drawing, Photography and Sculpture.
  • Higher National Diploma In Graphic Design | Federal Polytechnic Auchi 2015 - 2017 Illustration, Advertising, Publicity, CAD, Repromethod, Print Making, Photography, Drawing and Art History.
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